quarta-feira, maio 27

Second World War

“And when he gets to
Heaven to Saint Peter he will tell, "Just another soldier
reporting sir. I've served my time in hell.”
June 7, 1944

Dear Jolene,
I’m alive, after all. This is still hard to recognize, since all that I saw yesterday on the beaches of Normandy. All the blood, the guns, the shoots and explosions will ring in my mind every single day after I witnessed what human beings can do to one another. Our training was tough, but nothing could’ve prepared us for what was to come.
Many of the young men that were alongside me during the attack felt exactly the same way as I did. Once we hit the ground, all the noises just faded away, and the horrendous scene of the battlefield jumped to our eyes like lions when attacking a harmless zebra. It wasn’t possible to do nothing, but to feel that atmosphere entering in your bones, flesh and finally into your soul. We were marked by it, everyone.
Fortunately, I could get out alive of that hell and it wasn’t just for my physical and mental preparation, but to your love, which gave me all the strength I just needed. Even if we are separated by an entire ocean, I can sense that our hearts still together, as always.
After the first minutes of shouting coming from my lieutenant, I moved on to the nearest cover position. He gave me a not so easy task, yet a necessary one. It was clear for every one that our entire platoon needed to go forward and head to the beach wall, but first we’d got to find the explosive guy, a soldier named James.
At this very moment, I realized how courage and devotion to duty made great differences in cases like the one we’re passing through. When decision as to be made in no time, skill and reason have to go upon all the fear one’s might be scared of. And so I went running to give cover fire, making it possible to James for planting the explosives. I just tough about you, and how would I be if never more I could lay my eyes in your lovely face, or touch your holy lips with mine. Then, I had to survive. Getting out of hell was something to be done, in order to stay alive and take care of you.
This night I’m resting, but soon the entire platoon will move on and proceed into a deeper France, still commanded by the Vicky Government, and by Hitler’s troops. It’s our duty to free all the Europe, and I’m very proud of participating in such a great event in History. Nevertheless, what I feel happier for is to have met you.
With love,

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