segunda-feira, maio 25

In the slums of an old big town it was possible to hear very fast steps coming from a woman’s shoes. This scene demonstrates almost exactly what the Night was like: always fast, and silent.

Among the destroyed buildings and accumulated garbage the woman walked rapidly looking every direction, in the search for some stalker who might be following her through that smelly neighborhood. One could never be safe once out in the streets. The night, along with the poor clarity of the moon on that day in particular, made it even more dangerous (if it was possible to be so).

To go out in conditions like those was pure madness or strong willing to do anything which would be unthinkable in the bright sky of a shiny day. If one wanted emotion, extreme feelings all over the bones, there were no better ways to have them yet discovered than to expose yourself like the woman that we’re following.  

At the time, most of normal human behavior had changed, or destroyed, let’s say. Decades of wars made the society a dystopia full of non-human elements inside it. Relations between men were not human at all; people had become something similar to the machines that once they produced in large scales.

Our cute-looking woman (in contrast with everything else on that city) had crossed a bridge where connection between the slums and the centre was made, when suddenly, she’d to stop and wait until the patrols were out of that area. They’re the only ones permitted to stay on the streets and, if they saw anyone, to shoot was not an option, but an order. Having noticed the reasonable distance of the patrol, our heroin quickly got to a sewer passage nearby. It was a secret passage.

Finally she took out her vests and, with a clever and soft move, entered on a small room. There she met her other friends, who were also members of whatever kind of resistance there was. Even with all the oppression, hatred, poverty and madness governing a country or the whole Human race, there’s always those who goes against it. Some are judge as traitors or crazy, but in a world where ignorance is king, who’s right, after all? They’re fighting against the system, and they knew it. If they’re wrong, still they had knowledge of what they were fighting for. Know what choices you make, and their meaning.

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